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MapSource is compatible with all GARMIN GPS systems except the GPS 100 family of products (GPS 100AVD, GPS 100MRN, GPS 100MIL, SRVY II) and panel mount aviation units. Trip and waypoint planning is possible for all other units; however, the map transfer feature is only compatible with the following GARMIN GPS units: GPS III+, 12Map, NavTalk, GPSMAP 162/168, StreetPilot, StreetPilot ColorMap, GPSMAP 295, and eMap.

MapSource software allows you to view color maps on a personal computer, with zoom and pan functions for easy map browsing. Use the trip and waypoint manager functions to create waypoints, routes, and tracks, and transfer them between your PC and nearly all GARMIN GPS units. This is excellent for planning your next outdoor adventure, business trip, vacation, or recreational outing without ever leaving your home. For those units that accept the map transfer feature, users can also select individual maps in areas of interest and download the selected maps to a compatible GARMIN GPS (currently the GPS III+, NavTalk, StreetPilot, StreetPilot ColorMap, GPS 12MAP, GPSMAP 295, and eMap). Simply connect your Garmin GPS to your PC using a PC interface cable. Select the map areas on screen, and with the click of the mouse, the information downloads to your GPS. Some units require a blank 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 MB data card to download.

All MapSource products include the trip and waypoint manager functions for transferring waypoints, routes and tracks. Your preference for map detail and your specific activities will determine which MapSource CD is right for you. MapSource gives you the flexibility to select the mapping coverage you need.

MapSource® City Navigator is designed specifically for the StreetPilot III. This software contains premium detailed maps of major metropolitan areas in 10 different pre-defined regions in the USA Canada and Europe.

MapSource Fishing Hot Spots V4.00 provides detailed fishing information such as detailed shoreline, depth contours, navigational aids, and recreational aids like mile markers, boat ramps, and marinas. V4.00 adds 200 New Lakes with updates also including new database with coverage providing general road and lake detail throughout the United States.

MetroGuide - Addresses, business listings, and points of interest for any region in listed area, directions to any city address from a huge address database with street level detail. Displays points of interest such as food and drink, lodging, attractions, entertainment, shopping, service stations and emergency service. Trip and waypoint management function allows you to create waypoints and routes and transfer the data between your PC and your GARMIN GPS.

WorldMap - Coastline detail including many offshore islands, navigational aids for the entire world, political boundaries, cities, towns, and major motorways.

US TOPO - Highways and roads, hiking, snowmobile, and backwoods trails, elevation contours, point elevations and summits, geographic names, lakes, reservoirs, waterways, rivers and steams, nautical navigation aids, wrecks and obstructions.

Canada MetroGuide with Roads and Recreation - Provides mapping detail for Canadian provinces. Features include most provincial and state highways, controlled-access highways, primary roads, detailed shorelines for lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Residential street-level detail is provided for the following cities: Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

North America Points of Interest - Please note: The trip and waypoint management function of this product work with nearly all Garmin GPS units, excluding the GPS 100 family and panel mount aviation units. Specifically, the map download feature of this product are intended for use with the eTrex, Venture, GPS 76, and GPS 152. 

City Select - Please note: The trip and waypoint manager function of this product work with nearly all GARMIN GPS units, excluding the GPS 100 family and panel mount aviation unit. The map download of this product will only work with the GPS V. This product at this time is not for sale. City Select is included with the purchase of a GPS V.

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Garmin's MapSource CD's
North American Points of Interest
V4.00 MapSource Fishing Hot Spots, w/200 new lakes

Fishing Hot Spots - Now available on Pre-programmed Datacards for eMap, GPSMAP 176, 182, 188, 232, 238, 2006 and 2010:

US MetroGuide CD & 8MB Memory Cartridge $109.98
US MetroGuide CD & 16MB Memory Cartridge $114.98
US TOPO CD $88.95
City Select Europe $301.00
MetroGuide Europe
MetroGuide Europe


Roads & Recreation France $89.00
MetroGuide UK $129.00
Garmin USB Data Card Programmer and Blank Data Cards


Garmin USB Data Card Programmer - Includes Unit, Install CD, Manual.      Data rate, 1.5Mbyte per seconds. $74.95
Blank 8 MByte Memory Cartridge $29.95
Blank 16MByte Memory Cartridge $38.95
Blank 32MByte Memory Cartridge $69.95
Blank 64MByte Memory Cartridge $104.95
Blank 128MByte Memory Cartridge $174.95
MapSource City Select, City Navigator, MetroGuide and Fishing Hot Spots "ALL" Regions Unlock Certificate - Pricing
MapSource City Select All regions Certificate $87.48
MapSource Fishing Hot Spots Single Region Certificate $69.98
MapSource Fishing Hot Spots North American Certificate $131.23

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